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31 October 2023 | Haunted houses, Your True Encounters

My mom grew up in a pretty bad neighborhood and in the house she grew up in there where tons of things that happened like in the very first night she slept at the house she woke up with a horrible stomach ache and after a trip to the bathroom she laid down back in bed and she saw a black and white face with an evil smile starring at her.

When her and my aunts and uncles were younger their old dog, buster, was their protection and comfort. The spirits saw that and they would lead buster to another room and he would just come back covered with scratches and bruises all over, and every single night at exactly 5 min before midnight he would go over to this one window and bark into the back yard when literally nothing was there and they could not do any thing to make him stop until exactly 12:00 midnight hit.

One of my uncles also told me that he saw a cup slowly move and shake to the very edge of the table until it just fell. They all also used to see a woman in the mirror that was attached to the door that led down to the basement, and my mom also told me that she used to hear foot steps on the roof at night that sounded like chains where attached to who or whatever was walking. It was not just my family that saw things but also the neighbors, cause one of them said that he was outside smoking a cigarette during the sun down and he saw a girl with long black hair and a white dress walk into the back yard but then she just faded away once she walked in.

What was extra strange about this was that my grandparents never saw or heard anything and when someone tried to tell grandma she would almost never believe them like when they told her about the foot steps and the woman in the mirror. My mom did say that one day it all just stopped for no particular reason and maybe a few weeks after my grandparents moved out of the house my mom had a dream and said that one of the ghosts that she used to see a lot told her something along the lines of “you may have moved away but you will never get away from us”

Now sometimes we like to drive by the house for old time sake and the new people that moved there remodeled a lot, I really hope they are ok, some thing deep down tells me that whatever the hell those things are ghosts, demons, spirits, whatever you want to call them are a little angry…

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