The Hanging Shadow

05 April 2024 | Haunted houses, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My ghost stories started when I first moved to Colorado. My first house there, I slept in the basement (I was about 5 years old). I remember I would end up in my parents bed almost every night because I would see this dark figure hanging on a support beam just watching me… every night. I would also see my great grandfather who had passed away. My parents thought I was crazy and made me go to therapy.

Okay so fast forward about 6/7 years. In all actuality I had completely forgotten that I had even had this experience. Until one day, I was home alone (I’m about 12 at this point) and there was an app I was playing with called video star. For those of you who have not heard of this, it’s basically tik tok/ musically before those were a thing. My sister ended up getting home as I was making them and doing what all sisters do, she was making fun of me. She decided to further it by taking my phone and going through all of the videos and continue to make fun. However, she got to this one video where it has a strobe light effect, so the screen would go black and then to me rapidly. She screamed and said “what the fuck is that behind you?”

Hanging upside down off of my kitchens/breakfast bars ceiling you see a black figure watching me and then fly down. My siblings and I must have watched that video a million times.

I’ve thought of it all, and heard it all “what if it was just the effect of the video,” or “you edited that yourself.” And honest to god I wish that was the truth. This has haunted me since it’s happened. The only way I could describe this spirit is a man with no face but almost like a beak and a cape.

I still to this day get asked from people who have seen it like my eldest sister who lives in another state, old middle school friends. The video has vanished. I’m not sure if iCloud was really a thing back then, but I sent that video through Facebook messenger to my eldest sister along with photos and they are all gone.

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