The Possessed Foster Child

22 March 2024 | Demons, Haunted houses, Poltergeist, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My name is Richard and I have experienced years of paranormal activity that only ended after three exorcisms of my home.

I’m not sure how much detail you’re looking for in the initial email, but in 2017, I was a foster parent. My first placement was a 13 year old girl who we’ll call ‘Tina’.

Tina claimed that when she was 6 years old, she thought that her father was dead (he wasn’t) and she would contact what she referred to as ‘the spirit realm’ and ask if anyone was there, in the hopes of finding her father. Night after night, she asked if anyone was there and then one day a voice told her it was here. The voice told her its name was ‘Melable’ and that it would always protect her.

Tina claimed that, from that day forward, whenever she looked into a mirror, she would see a demonic looking ‘shadow woman’ out of the corner of her eye, with sharp teeth and black hollow eyes. She claimed that if she stared into the mirror for too long, Melable would take control of her and make her do things. None of this was told to us of course.

While she was in my home, Tina displayed something akin to dissociative identity disorder, in which he had different handwriting, different manner of speech even a slightly different voice, as well as what I assumed was schizophrenia.

We had another foster daughter whom we’ll call ‘Jessie’. Jessie was terrified of Tina and used to beg to sleep on the floor of our room just to get away from her. We found out years later that Tina was talking to something in the mirror and would stand in front of the mirror for hours at a time at night and make weird noises.

We knew none of this at the time though. One day, Tina got Jessie got so upset that she cut herself with a razor – her arms and legs. When Tina saw Jessie bleeding, she went into a trance like state, staring at the mirrored closet doors and banging her head against the wall. That night, she asked us to cover up all the windows, but we didn’t know why.

Jessie left our home shortly afterwards and Tina became worse. She would laugh maniacally at random, would talk to herself, she did terrible things to my cat and then, on Thanksgiving of 2017, she had a complete mental break.

The night before Thanksgiving, I had asked her to help me with the dishes and she told me “why are you even asking me if you’re just going to force me anyways?” I was confused, as I never did this. She started fake hiccupping and I said (to ease the tension) that her hiccups were ‘fake as a three dollar bill’.
Tina slammed the refrigerator shut and glared at me with hatred, her hand still gripping the handle. She said “Don’t you EVER call me a liar”. I don’t even remember what I said or if I said anything at all. She then said in a robot voice (and if you’re old enough to remember the 80s sitcom ‘Small Wonder’, she sounded almost exactly like ‘Vicki’ the robot) “do you need me for anything else”. Confused, I said ‘no’. She added “Can I go to my room now?” I told her ‘yes’.

A few minutes later, she began throwing everything around in her room and flinging her arms back and forth while doing what sounded like a cross between screaming and growling. It was so loud and destructive that I put my phone in my front jacket pocket (propped up on a folded pocket square so the camera could see out) and started recording, so I could use it like a body camera to show her social worker why she needed to be removed from my home.

Tina somehow pushed me (6 foot, 230 pounds) so hard that I flew back 4-6 feet and almost knocked over a heavy vase.

She began screaming and crying and genuinely seemed like she didn’t know where she was. I explained to her that we were going to get her some help, but then she told me that she pushed me because I tried to ‘hug’ her. I protested and she began making up stories, so I showed her the video of her acting out and she (was standing at the time) looked at the floor with her mouth wide open as if she was going to scream and grabbed her ears. Her eyes were wide and her whole body began shaking and she started drooling on the floor.

We cancelled Thanksgiving dinner, as DCFS offices were all closed and her social worker was not replying to calls or emails.

Tina started going into trance-like states and, after dinner, she started watching demonic summoning videos on Youtube. She watched something about something called ‘the Midnight Man’ and how to summon him, summoning some sort of ‘party ghosts’, how to perform rituals, etc.

About 7pm that night, she was sitting on the stairs leading to my bedroom and asked me what I would do if she was laying upside down on the stairs covered in blood. I asked her if she was planning on hurting us and she said “covered in blood…with a knife in my hands”.

This girl had done so many terrifying things that, at night, I would barricade the entryway to my upstairs loft bedroom so that I would hear her coming when she came to kill me. She would say things like “you haven’t even seen half of my rage”. I told her that I wasn’t afraid of a 13 year old little girl and she gave a big smile and said “maybe not while you’re awake!” When I asked her what she meant, she said in a weird, sultry type of voice that sounded like a grown woman “everybody’s got to sleep sometime” and then started laughing.

We had been told by her social worker to remove all doors in her room and watch her at all times and to lock up all knives and sharp objects. When I refused to remove doors and watch her, the social worker became angry with me until I told her that I lived in a ‘live work loft’ and could not have my clients walking past a bedroom when they came inside (her bedroom was right next to the front door).

After submitting all of my evidence, they finally agreed to send a PMRT (psychiatric medical response team) consisting of four people to my home. I called her crisis line at Vista Del Mar and told her everything. The therapist on the phone told me she had seen this before and that it was an ‘attack by the enemy’ and she began praying with me over the phone!

The four people came about 90 minutes later and interviewed Tina. Tina told them how she became ‘possessed’ by this Melable creature and told them openly about how she had visions of her mother’s throat getting ripped out by Melable’s teeth and how the arterial spray would look. She told them about her plans to murder her family (which she delayed because she ‘wanted to grow up and get a good job’ and murdering her family would hamper those plans) and also murder me.

She went on and on, explaining with calm detail about how she once broke every single one of her family’s belongings out of ‘revenge’.

After about 45 minutes of this, the PMRT team went outside to talk amongst themselves. We waited 15 minutes, 20, 30 and then after about 40 minutes, I went outside to look for them. They were right in front of my door with a panicked, genuinely frightened look on their faces. I asked them if they were taking her and the woman said ‘no’. I started panicking and then one of the men explained that it was not safe for them to ride in a car with her or even be in our home with her. They told me that they called for an ambulance and would need to strap her to a gurney to take her away before she harmed someone.

I literally BEGGED them and convinced them to at least let us all walk with her through the courtyard (I lived in a weird complex where my loft was very far from the front gate and everyone would see us on the way out. I frankly did not want the controversy and gossip). The ambulance was parked on the street and once we arrived, they tied her to a gurney with straps and put something over her face that looked kind of like Hannibal Lecter. That was the last time I ever saw her.

But that night, I was planning on throwing away everything from her room, as I decided that my fostering days were over after being traumatized by her. But I couldn’t turn on any of the lights. The ceiling light, her lamp and the LED strips I put up would not turn on. I assumed it was a breaker and decided to wait until morning.

When I came down the next morning, all of the lights in her room were on. I didn’t think much of it and I decided to turn that room into a storage room. I put in these two big external IKEA closets. One of them slid open and one had doors like a cabinet. I started putting light stands and camera equipment inside (I’m a photographer) and my kitten started poking her nose in there. I was worried that something would fall on her, so I closed both doors and started taking stuff out of camera bags and boxes. My head was turned no more than 40 seconds and when I turned back around, all of the doors were standing wide open.

That night, I heard running up and down the stairs and banging in this little storage closet under the stairs (it was exactly like Harry Potter’s little closet). I started hearing dishes and glasses rattle and move and the lights in her room would turn on or off.

I could feel something there with me and so after a couple of weeks, I decided to move into the unit right next to mine, which was larger.

Everything was okay for about five days until one night, I was watching the movie ‘A Quiet Place’ with my ex on my projector. There was a projector with a fire stick and a home theater speaker. The projector and the speaker had separate power buttons and the Amazon Fire Stick was powered by the projector’s USB port. I turned them both off. About 20 minutes after I fell asleep, I was woken up to the sound of really loud music.

When I went upstairs, the projector was off, but somehow the speaker turned itself on and went up to max volume and somehow the movie’s end credits started playing from the fire stick with the projector off (this is impossible).

From that day forward, we started hearing voices talking to both of us and I started seeing things move out of the corner of my eye. We smelled rotten meat one night and then when I had friends over (one of whom later became my current wife), a bottle of sriracha moved by itself and they encouraged me to download the footage of this happening to my phone.

We began experiencing paranormal activity every single day until a priest came over to perform what he referred to as a ‘minor exorcism’ of our home. I showed him the videos and we all told him what was going on and he said that while he believed in demons, he had never seen anything like this before in his life.

The paranormal activity stopped for a few weeks, but then started back up again. Things would be thrown across the room, doors would violently slam and lights would go crazy.

We finally picked up and moved to a different part of Los Angeles, but the activity followed us again. One time, I put a glass in the sink and the glass exploded as if someone put a hand grenade inside. Another time, all of the cabinets slammed shut. At night, we could feel and hear our bed getting kicked and it would shake back and forth like an earthquake.

I remember this one time I was sitting at my desk (this sadly wasn’t on camera, as there wasn’t enough motion to trigger the cameras to start recording) and a half full can of diet coke slid from one end of my desk to the other. I would wake up with bite marks all over my arms and legs as well. There would be knocks on the walls and doors, the toilet lid would slam shut, lights would turn on and off and one night, my son told me he felt something get in bed with him. After that, he refused to sleep in his bed for days.

This had been going on every day for about two years and then one day my son runs up to me and says that a voice spoke in his ear. I asked him what it said and he made a sound like a big exhale of breath. He later told me he could feel it as well. I checked the security camera footage and sure enough, you could hear it plain as day.

I ran outside with my son and called my wife and told her to come home so we could find a Catholic church and get some holy water. We found one that was open, explained the situation and got the holy water.
Before I left, I started playing Christian music in the living room. Previously, this was the ONLY thing that would reduce the paranormal activity. When we got back and I began splashing the holy water and ordering the spirit to leave, the music changed all by itself to the song ‘Monster’ by Seether, which is a song about demonic possession.

We called another church (this was the third time we had a priest come to our home) and the archdiocese sent out a priest (with the blessing of the local bishop) who ‘specialized in exorcisms’….an actual exorcist.
I tried showing him all of my evidence and he calmly declined. I thought that he thought I was lying, so I got a little upset and asked him why he was so calm about this. He told me that what was in my home is ‘like a person. It’s conscious and aware and it’s demonic and evil’. My jaw fell open. He explained that, as people have stopped believing in God and stopped going to church, they were seeing a lot more of this. A *lot* more, he emphasized. I asked for more details and he told me that as soon as he left my home, he had two others to go to that same day.

Since then, the paranormal activity left and never came back, but it’s left me shaken at how blatant it was. I have only had one paranormal activity since the last exorcism. I was handing a light bulb to one of my clients when it weirdly lit up in my hand while I was holding it. Aside from that, nothing.

Submitted by Richard S.

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