A Nine Foot Tall Demon Haunts my Home

11 July 2023 | Demons, Haunted houses, Poltergeist, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Four years ago I was 22. I do a lot of various sports and used to switch from training for each one at different times so I was 275 and bulking to power lift at the time.

The day was warm and largely uneventful. I was off work and had spent the day doing several work outs and eating in order to get in form. But now, my body was sore and I had done everything for the day so I was off to play Skyrim. I played from roughly 09:30 Pm to 10:30 Pm when I get a knock on my door. When I opened the door nobody was there. I’m not jumpy but something spooked me when I closed the door. I couldn’t get comfortable and I had the feeling something was there with me.

I stood up to get water and was suddenly thrown to the ground the way I would be able to throw a 4 year old. I threw my controller so hard it broke and hit my head on the corner of the couch. I bled so much from that little cut. When I got back up I called an ex girlfriend of my who was very spiritual and into these sort of ghost happenings. She had me cleanse the place and declare very loudly this was my house and whatever it was had no right to the space.

The second I was getting ready for bed my power was cut. When I checked the breaker inside it was fine. But the main breaker outside was opened and flipped off.

I didn’t think anything of it but when I went back into my house the feeling of unease hit me again. I called my friend who said she could be over tomorrow. All I had really told her was that I was scared and felt a presence in my home. When she came over she screamed after trying to look into it saying she saw something 9ft tall and with pale glowing eyes that had never been human. She explained outside of my house that it could not pass thresholds without being let in but it would not take no for an answer.

I still live here and it is still here with me. The worst that’s happened since then is glass bottles will shatter on the counter if left there for a few days or more.


Submitted by Jay_Gygax

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