Did Her Dad Come to Say Goodbye?

14 July 2023 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My girlfriend and I were alone at my parents house about two- years ago when something strange happened. We were sitting in my bedroom with my back to the open door leading into the hallway. My parents were out shopping at the time when my girlfriend asked me,

“When did your dad get home?”

I thought it was a little strange since I didn’t hear anybody enter the house. She said she saw a shadowy figure about 6-feet tall walk down the dark hallway behind me. I searched the house thinking someone may have broken in and found nothing. About 3-hours later that night, we were sitting on the couch at her house when she gets a phone call. Her dad had been killed in a car accident and pronounced dead at the exact moment she saw a shadowy figure behind me.

My girlfriend doesn’t really believe in the paranormal but I’m convinced that was her father coming to see her one last time before moving on.

Submitted by Balbright08

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