Crash Fire Section at RAF Manston

06 September 2023 | Haunted locations, Location Report, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

The crash fire station at Manston was up beside the runway built by the US Air force in the 1950’s. Its a large building with four appliance bays and bunk room adjacent to the vehicles.

One January night, after the evening meal, the electricity failed on the whole camp. The crew turned in for the night but unfortunately I was on kitchen duty and the washing up had to be done. Assisted by a few taxiway glim lamps I proceeded to wash up feeling hard done by. After a while, an eerie feeling came about the place, and on turning around, I was confronted by an apparition of a tall man in full flying kit. Being young, I thought I would make my way to the bunker room and turn in. On passing the appliance bay, an old brass bell began to make the same sort of noise you can make on a wet rim of a wine glass. I didn’t sleep well and got up early to finish off the washing up.

The following night duty I asked one of the crew if he ever saw something strange? His answer was – you’ve seen him then and he explained that during the second world war, a mosquito aircraft had crashed into a snow drift at the end of the runway killing the pilot. He had been seen walking back to the dispersal huts on the grass, and at that time the fire station hadn’t been built, but was now in his line of travel.

Some weeks later we were on a bird scare operation and he showed me the iron tie down rings for the aircraft in line with the fire station. There are plans to build hundreds of houses on the airfield and if it comes about I wonder if he will visit a house on his journey?

Submitted by Phillip Crow


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