Ghost hunting

Filming at Hrad Houska – The Gates to Hell

08 July 2023 | Creepy places, Demons, Ghost hunting, Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I recently was involved with filming an episode of a forthcoming Discover channel show at Hrad Houska – The Gates to hell – here in the Czech Republic. At one point, we were in the castle and I was talking about the murder of a Swedish Mercenary in the room that we stood in. He was an occultist who was said to be engaged in black magic and satanic rites at the Castle who was murdered by his own men. As I told the story – and I was already feeling the darkening atmosphere – suddenly my voice took on a strange echo and the whole atmosphere changed. It was charged as if with electricity and all the sounds – my voice included – had this strange tinny sound. I

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The 9 Type of Hauntings

25 July 2019 | Ghost hunting, What Is a Ghost? and other definitions, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

According to Paul Dale Roberts, there are 9 types of haunting. Do you agree? 1. INTELLIGENT: An intelligent haunting is when the experiencer or the investigator is able to have interaction with the entity. When communicating with the entity, you receive intelligent answers back to your questions. You ask the entity to knock on the table and it does exactly that. This is an intelligent response and you can deem the entity as being “intelligent”. During one of my investigations, I asked the entity to kiss the investigator and with 3 cameras manned by 3 investigators we were able to capture an orb hovering on the lips of the investigator. When that same investigator sat down, we asked the entity to sit on his lap and with 3 cameras captured

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Is This A Ghost?

09 January 2019 | Creepy places, Evidence?, Ghost hunting, Haunted locations

A ghost hunter in Edmonton took this video of an abandoned hospital. What is that? A ghost? An urban explorer? A homeless person?   And you can see the orignal story here….

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Fish, Chips, and a Demon?

04 January 2017 | Ghost hunting, Haunted locations

If you have ever been to the City of Hull – the 2017 City of Culture, you may well have heard of Bob Carver’s fish and chips. Reputed to serve the best fish and chips in Hull and the local area, the firm has been around a long time – almost 130-years to be precise. I can vouch personally for their mushy peas. Back in 1973, Bob Carvers purchased a building off of Hessle Road to use as a food processing plant for the fish and chip business that has developed something of an evil reputation. The Fish and Chip business occupies only one floor of the four story building and people who have worked there have reported many strange occurrences. The other floors are unoccupied. The building used to

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The Blue Orb From The War of Independence

15 December 2016 | Ghost hunting, Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Last year, I went with parents to King of Prussia, Pennsylvania. I had never been there before, and I was excited to go. That area is known for having a bloody history, with a lot of battles from the war of Independence. For something to do we all decided to do a ghost tour. The tour guide began his story-telling. We walked on a little bit, and then we came upon an eerie looking graveyard that was next to a church. We were walking past the fence, and it was then that I noticed a blue circle hovering in front of one of the church windows. I stopped to take a look, thinking that it was a light coming from inside of the church. I was confused, because I instantly

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Ghost Hunting at Elgin State Hospital Cemetery

05 December 2016 | Ghost hunting, Haunted locations, Shadow people, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This is the story of a ghost hunting trip to the old abandoned Elgin Mental hospital cemetery. I first heard about it online, where I read stories of the former grounds keeper hearing chilling sounds and heard it said that there may be three bodies in every grave. For over 100 years, the hospital operated as the Illinois State Institution for the insane. The unwanted were sent there to die and many horrific experiments were performed during the early years of treating mental diseases. Over 1000 people are said to be buried in the cemetery and it has a long held reputation as being haunted. We initially had a hard time finding the place and we were about to give up when suddenly, we found it. Immediately, we could feel

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