Ghost Hunting at Elgin State Hospital Cemetery

05 December 2016 | Ghost hunting, Haunted locations, Shadow people, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This is the story of a ghost hunting trip to the old abandoned Elgin Mental hospital cemetery. I first heard about it online, where I read stories of the former grounds keeper hearing chilling sounds and heard it said that there may be three bodies in every grave. For over 100 years, the hospital operated as the Illinois State Institution for the insane. The unwanted were sent there to die and many horrific experiments were performed during the early years of treating mental diseases. Over 1000 people are said to be buried in the cemetery and it has a long held reputation as being haunted.

We initially had a hard time finding the place and we were about to give up when suddenly, we found it. Immediately, we could feel sadness. Intense sadness. Some of these people were apparently buried with others and they were mental patients. Being sensitive to the paranormal, I could feel their pain and suffering.

The following night, we performed our first investigation. Mind you, it is private property and I do not recommend going there after dark. When we went back for the first investigation, it was night and the atmosphere had changed from lost and sad to pain and anger. We immediately felt watched, as if something was staring right at us – or many things were staring at us. So we stood outside the car took some pictures and left. We caught orbs and a face in the pictures.

We returned a week later and finally went into the cemetery. We recorded an EVP, in which, clear as day, my wife’s name was said. Truly haunting! After about 15 minutes, we started to hear sirens. Thinking it was the cops, we ran back to our car, but no cops ever show up. When we played back the EVP however, we realized that it was an old ghostly ambulance sound that we had heard. When we arrived back at HQ and had the time to review the EVP further, we also found that we had caught a demonic-sounding dog barking and its chains rattling.

Based on this, we then planned another investigation and two-weeks later, my team and I returned. We left an EVP recorder in the middle of the cemetery and we all walked to the other side of the site where we found an old, rotten wooden Hearse. As I and a fellow investigator headed back to pick up my EVP recorder, we saw a white light start to hover in the distance. We took photographs and continued to walk towards the light. It turned out to be a police officer. Luckily for us, the officer is very cool and allows us to stay an extra 10 minutes or so. The EVP again contained dog barks and also breathing sounds. That night, we also saw shadows that seemed to run back and forth across the cemetery.

Funnily enough, I felt welcome there as of the spirits were pleased to be visited as opposed to being forgotten. I have been back many times during the day and even taken flowers because those folks deserve to be remembered. It is undoubtedly haunted but the worst thing that ever happened to me there was a few scratches – which I put down to a ghostly guard dog doing his job – Good Dog!

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