Touched up by a Ghost?

07 August 2023 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My wife and I had part of our honeymoon in Chattanooga Tennessee and we stayed at the Read House Hotel. According to the history of the land, one of the previous buildings that stood there was an inn that had been used as a hospital during the Civil War.

One might while my wife and I were laying in bed, she had fallen asleep already and I was laying there watching television. It was March and still cold outside, but the blankets were thick and warm and I was getting hot, so I had one of my legs sticking out from under the covers.

As I’m laying there I could feel a hand wrap it’s fingers around my lower leg, give a gentle squeeze and let go. I neither saw nor heard anything and I was looking past my leg to see the TV, so there is there would have been an apparition of some sort I would have been looking directly at it, but nothing appeared before me. It was unmistakably a hand that squeezed my leg though. I could feel each finger individually make contact with my leg, as if someone was rolling their fingers onto my leg with each finger making individual contact one ofter the other before the gentle squeeze.

I’ve heard that at times like this you cam kind of sense intention of a spirt and I felt neither fear not malicious intent in the touch. It was almost if someone one wanted to tell me hello and let me know that they were there.

My wife and I had a couple more nights at the hotel before we left for our next destination and I chose not to tell her about it till after we left, I don’t want to scare her. Once I told her she told me of something she also witnessed that was odd, but she dismissed at the moment. The bedroom was a corner room and had two windows with curtains that hung to the floor. While I showering on a previous night, from right to left the curtains swayed as if someone was walking around the foot of the bed and dragging their had along them. She dismissed it as a breeze until she heard my story.

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