A True UFO?

16 November 2023 | UFOs, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Around 1999, I saw a UFO, in broad daylight one afternoon. I was in the backyard, in Walnut Creek, California, reading a book. I set the book down and was looking at the flat-bottomed Cumulous clouds, when out of the bottom of a cloud flew a 100% reflective, wingless object, that looked about the same size approximately, as a 20′ ocean shipping container, with a slanted front. There were no exterior appendages such as wings or motors. Other than that, it looked almost like the shuttlecraft from the Starship Enterprise. It came out of the cloud and did an immediate hard right turn, not a sweeping turn, an immediate hard turn as if to indicate “Whoops, I’ve been seen” and disappeared back into the cloud. All this occurred in a second and a half, leaving me saying to myself,” ok. What was WHAT THE F….WAS THAT!?. I’m not given to hallucinations, so make of it what you will, this is what I saw. A side note: this is very close to the Port Chicago U.S. Navy nuclear weapons storage facility in Concord.

P. Haultain

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