Haunting Review of a Hotel in Prague on TripAdvisor!

15 September 2016 | Haunted locations, Your Stories

I found this review of a hotel in Prague on Tripadvisor.com while doing research for my next book. I think they posted it to the wrong site! Do you agree?

My wife and I stayed at the wonderful Green lobster hotel and we had the first suite on the first floor. The suite was amazing and more than comfortable, we have to say by far the best hotel we have stayed at in our trips to Prague. However we do believe there was a little bit of spiritual activity in the suite to keep us both entertained. Both my wife and I struggle to believe in anything like that, but if it’s in your face you can’t argue can you?

The first thing was a light stroking of my face on the first night that woke me up with a jolt I can tell you. The second night I experienced nothing, but my wife had a sentence whispered to her in Czech, that she could not say back to me as neither of us speaks Czech. The third night I heard some say to me “help” and we both awoke to see the small cupboard in our room open, however this was strange as it was locked shut! But on our last night it was the most active, we both awoke at 4:30am to the sound of someone walking around and moving things about in the room directly below us. I went to check but it stopped instantly. Half an hour later we awoke again to a sound of dripping water? I checked the taps in the room downstairs but all was fine and the sink was dry, I am a Plumber by trade so I know when something’s not right. We went back to bed and slept without another incident, until the morning came and my wife could not find her phone. We turned the place upside down, and found nothing, until my wife went to put her shoes on and found it under her shoe?

All in all we were not bothered by what went on, if anything it added a little more character to the suite that was already amazing in our eyes. We will stay here again as we loved it, and the staff made it a joy to stay at as well. Thank you Green Lobster hotel for giving us a wonderful stay and experience.

Just to note I wonder if anyone else has had an experience like this at this hotel?

Plainly, the visitors found the ghosts good value. Knowing Prague, I have to believe that many hotels in the old town are also haunted. By the way, they gave a 5-star review! I also enjoyed reading the hotels reply….

Dear Guest,
Thank you for sharing your experience in the Green Lobster Hotel!
It is very rewarding for us to see that we managed to satisfy and assist our guests in the best way.
Concerning, the “spiritual activity” we must admit that it was pretty entertaining reading your report!
We have never had such feedback but we are happy that you enjoyed also this “mysterious” part of trip to Prague!
We are sure that you will keep a very nice and “unforgettable” memories of your stay in Prague.
Looking forward to have you back and for any future trip to this magic city please feel free to contact us directly.
Warm regards,
Hotel Staff

Yes – right!

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