The Las Vegas Sand Demon: Have You Seen It?

21 September 2016 | Bizarre, Creepy places, September 2016, Your Stories

This happened in the early 80’s. I was getting married for the first time. My wedding was to be in Las Vegas, so my fiancée and I drove up and were traveling on the freeway to Vegas. This happened on that freeway during our journey to Vegas.

We were coasting along, talking about the wedding, when we both noticed something “white” start to cross the freeway in front of us. This figure was actually floating, and I honestly thought it was a piece of paper. I continued talking to my fiancée, but kept my eye on this thing when finally, we got right up to it and almost ran it over.

At exactly the same time, we screamed, “What the hell is that?” What we saw was a miniature ‘devil’ with horns running across the road in front of us. I saw this thing clearly and it was no animal. It was white, had two arms, two legs, a tail, and a pointy human head and face with two horns. It ran on two legs, not on four. We had to have been traveling at least 70 mph when this thing crossed in front of us and I can verify that it was actually floating.

When we got back home, I tried to find out more about that stretch of desert to see if maybe it could have been an animal, but I found nothing, and besides I know it wasn’t. Just a devil sharpened humanoid that was white, not red. It was not fury, and I believe it was demonic. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?


Dan Rosenburg

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