Inherited From My Mother: A View of the Other Side

22 November 2016 | Your Stories

My mother died when I was 17 years old. The night before she died, she ran into my bedroom and woke me up. She told me that there was someone in the house. She was terrified. I told her that I had heard and seen nothing—but she continued to rant about someone being in the house. Eventually she calmed down and took my father’s gun to bed with her.

The next day she died. Nothing paranormal caused her death—just a car accident. After that I started to see things. I was still terrified of the dark even as a teenager and I wouldn’t sleep unless I had a night light. One night, the light fell off my bedside table. I fixed it, got back into my bed and saw a figure standing at the bottom of my bed. He was a little opalescent and almost black and white. His skin was white-gray and he had a white shirt on, and black pants and he just stood there looking at me with an odd grin on his face. I froze. Then I leaped into my bed and pulled the covers over my head and didn’t look again until morning, when naturally, he was gone.

I never saw it again, but strange things still happen to me. I’m always misplacing things and I’ll look everywhere for something, and then after I give up the item will turn up. I hear whispers at night, and I sometimes see shadows and shapes. I absolutely believe I inherited a gift from my mother.

Ruth Manilow, New York

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