Was This The Ghost Of My Lost Brother?

13 January 2017 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

There have been quite a few things happen in our house. Normally things just move from place to place when we are not looking. Sometimes we hear footsteps but the most interesting sighting happened to me a few years ago, Now you have to understand that this house was built for my family by my father. Before the house was here it was just open land. We moved in when I was ten years old.

This incident took place when I was with my parents watching TV in our living room. I thought I saw something standing on the stairs. When I looked, I didn’t see anything? This happened quite a few times until I catch sight of a little boy who looked like he was my age with blonde hair. I only saw him for a few seconds but I had a strong feeling we were related. He looked like me.

My grandmother told me recently that when I was a young child I used to talk to a man I called “Uncle.” She always thought it was my mother’s brother who died in Vietnam. I wonder if this could be the same person I saw on the staircase? Is it possible for a ghost to change his age and appear as you would feel comfortable for him to appear?

Submitted by Laura Branch, Idaho


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