The UK Bermuda Triangle – Weird Darkness

19 April 2017 | My Haunted Life Toosdays, Your True Encounters

In this episode: A man buys a mint-condition Cadillac for only $500… but soon discovers even that was too much to pay. *** Why are people seeing ghost planes in Derbyshire, England? *** A Turkish man is said to haunt Týnský dvůr, Prague. The story behind his haunting is a sad one. *** The strange story of how the Devil’s Bible was created.


Featured in this episode from…

“The Turkish Ghost of Prague”
Written by G. Michael Vasey for…

“The Devil’s Bible”
Written by G. Michael Vasey for…

Also featured in this episode…

“The Haunted Car”
Posted at…

“Dark Peak – UK’s Bermuda Triangle And The Mystery Of Ghost Airplanes”
Written by A. Sutherland for…

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