My Life as an Abductee

26 April 2017 | Alien Abduction, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Last night, an email slipped into my in box. Sent my a person who called himself Gambit, I read it with growing fascination. Here is that email in almost its original state. I have corrected a few typos and I deleted a line or two that may have helped identify the submitter. What do you make of this?

To begin, let me first state up front that I’ve thought long and hard about putting pen to paper as it were. I’ve never shared this with anyone for obvious reasons, except a little with my wife.

Okay, now where to begin? I guess at my earliest memory. I was around 5 years old. I was a normal child with a great childhood. I was DEATHLY scared of the dark. So I had my little kid routines every night. As silly as they sound now, they helped me back then. I used to get in bed and put my head between 2 pillows, and sucked the covers in around me as tight as I could get.

We as kids were never allowed to watch ANYTHING horror related. And in the 70’s it wasn’t hard to shield your child if you were so inclined. So I knew nothing of ghosts, bigfoot, aliens etc… I guess that kind of sets the stage. Believe it or not but I’m making this very brief. I could fill books with all the information that I have stored in my memories. Haha
One evening when I was 5, I was laying in bed trying my best to go to sleep. I layed there for what seemed like a eternity. At some point I got up to go to the bathroom and looked at the clock. It was 2:45 am. That number has been burned into my brain, I guess because I’ve replayed this almost on a daily basis since then.

Anyway, I got back in bed and just as I got situated, my bedroom window lit up bright as the sun. This was back in the days of the aluminum blinds. My bedroom window faced the back yard. We had the largest lot in the neighborhood. Right behind our back fence began a small bayou, then woods.

Okay, so the window lights up. I figured my Dad had gone out back to check on animals. (We had a problem with Possums back then, and Dad would go out there from time to time to run them off.
So, I remember getting out of bed and walking over to my window. At the base of my window was a Raggedy Ann and Andy toy box. I climbed up to be high enough to look out of my window. When I peeked through, there was the light. it was bright as daylight but I don’t remember having to squint. Then there about 15 feet off the ground was a craft of some sort. It was massive. It was metallic but dull. Kind of oblong. And made NO noise. I froze looking at it. I was scared to death and relaxed at the same time but I couldn’t get my feet to move. It wasn’t threatening at all. Just hovered. After a few minutes the bottom opened and a metal arm came out. It was metal but flexible. Almost like the jelly arms that you would sling against the wall as a kid. After it came out and I guess got in ‘position’, It went rigid like you would imagine metal to be. There was a flat end on it. And it projected a red beam. I liken it to a grocery store scanner. It started on the end of the house furthest from me then went straight across the back of the house and ended up going across my eyes. Once it got to my eyes it went back and forth across my eyes about 3 times. afterwards the arm went to ‘jelly’ again, went back into the ship and ZOOM. It went straight up and over the tree line in a instant. Still making no noise. I just stood there…wondering ‘what was that?’ ‘will it come back?’ and ‘where did it go?’

About then my Mom walks into my room and asked why I was up. She also asked what was that light? She said she got up to go to the bathroom and walked past my room. She saw me at the window and thought it was weird since my fear of the dark. She then came back into my room after finishing in the bathroom and that’s when she told me to get back in bed and she tucked me back in. I went soundly to sleep after laying there wondering. Afterwards I never saw it again. But that’s when all Hell broke loose. I’ve never taken the time to write any of this down or talk about this. How would I explain it? How would I look? Nuts? I’ve searched for answers since then. And it has all but consumed my adult life. But figured it was my cross to bear for whatever reason. As I grow older I get more curious. I’ve had things happen to me since then if not on a weekly basis, then sometimes on a daily.

I’ll give 2 brief examples. And then I can go into much more detail if you’d like.

First, In my early 20’s, I moved to south Mississippi with 3 room mates. We rented a double wide mobile home that was on property. It was on a gravel road and there was only one more mobile home on that street. It was right next door but empty and very rundown. The road was about a mile long and we were ‘in the country’. There was only one street lamp and it was at the entrance to the street. So when I say it got dark? It got DARK there at night. You could see layers and layers of stars. Stars that I couldn’t have even imagined. So back then I still smoked cigarettes. And only smoked outside. So we had beach chairs on the front deck and would sit out there and smoke and just kind of chat about the previous days events.
So one night I and 2 of my room mates were outside smoking. It was around 10 or 11 at night. I was admiring the stars as usual and of course recounting my experience like I always tended to do. When there was 3 lights that caught my eye. They weren’t as small as a start but a little smaller than a airplanes lights. I knew them very well from watching them too. But these lights were different. They were going in a circular pattern very fast. Then in a instant they would shoot off in a straight line then back to circling. Each one would do this. I called my room mates attention to this and we watched them for hours. After that EVERY night they were there without fail. We would intentionally sit and watch them for hours upon hours. Sometimes there were 2, sometimes there were 14. But always there. And always doing stunts in the air that modern physics would NOT allow.

So one day I’m at work in the break room and there is a news report that comes on Tv. It was talking about a ‘famous’ abduction that happened in the area back in the 50’s or 60’s. There was a book about it and all. I started casually telling a few of my co workers about the lights. They of course didn’t believe me and wanted to come see. I invited them over and we all sat and watched them. Their mouths just hung open and one was a retired Air Force pilot. He confirmed that what they were doing couldn’t or shouldn’t have been possible. They would come over often after that and watch them in awe with us.

Fast forward a few weeks. My landlord came by to do some repairs and I happened to ask about the mobile home next door. He told me, it had been empty for about 4 years and that the inside was gutted. There had been a fire and they just moved out rather than repairing it. This was a Friday. So Saturday comes and he was supposed to come back after he got the materials he needed to make the repair.

So around 5 in the evening there was a knock on my front door. I was home alone. I went to the door and looked out the window thinking it was my landlord. but it wasn’t. It was a very frail, thin, short woman. Her skin color looked as if she just stepped off of a Dracula movie set. Very pale and ashen. She had to had the worst black wig on that I had ever seen. It obviously didn’t fit and was faker than fake could be. She was wearing sunglasses. The kind that you would expect to see on Charlie’s Angels. They were right out of the 1970’s and BIG. Way too big for her face, and how they stayed up on her face? I have no idea. She had the smallest nose. Almost like a little button nose. VERY odd looking. I hadn’t seen one like that before or since.

I asked through the door if I could help her. She told me ‘she lived next door and wanted to ask me a few things’. Well that’s weird. My landlord JUST told me no one lived there. I then asked her what she’d like to know. She then asked who I had told about the lights in the sky. That sent shivers. Her voice was VERY monotone. Not threatening just insistent. I asked her what she was talking about. She then repeated the question. I told her no one. She asked the question AGAIN. I then was totally creeped out. I told her I’m sorry but was in the middle of something and couldn’t talk. She continued to ask and then would knock. Ask then knock. This lasted for well over 2 hours. Then it stopped as quickly as it started. I then looked out of all of my windows. She was no where to be found. I even walked into the front yard. No one. She never came back, but there were 3 other occasions that we heard someone tapping on our windows but when we looked outside there was no one.

Lastly, and please understand that I’m only writing 1/100th of my experiences. The ‘dreams’. Since I had the experience as a child, I’ve had ‘dreams’. Some weeks they every night, then others once a week. But they’ve never gone. I’ve woken with marks, bruises, small puncture holes, blood on my sheets etc. My wife has seen them on many occasions. 99% would start by these sometimes 2, sometimes 5 figures that would walk straight out of my bedroom wall to the side of my bed. They are always the same. Just the number of them change. My wife explains it best. She says they take me, but not my full mortal body to places. I’ve asked them questions, they’ve told me things. For example. I once asked, ‘why aren’t your ships seen?’ With all the people in the world I figured it would be a good question, right?

The response was ‘because we cloak’ …we can be clouds or anything we’d like’

They told me about the Moon. Told me about Pleiades before I even knew what or where that was. I’ve seen other people there as well. We never talk to each other or even acknowledge each other but they are there. Usually, it’s about 3 to 10 other people. I could write books for days about this stuff. About 8 months ago I guess, I was ‘with’ them and they told me I was remembering to much. Afterwards I would know I had a dream, but it was almost like a ‘firewall’ of sorts. It now comes to me in bits and pieces. And they have been progressing from ‘that’s weird’ to ‘are you freaking kidding me?’

I can go more in depth or answer any questions if you feel the need. I know I sound like I’m completely mad. And there is the reason why I’ve never done this before. This truly has been a living Hell for me. I’m a very inquisitive person. And to me there is ALWAYS a answer for everything. Except this. I have no answers just more questions. Why me? What did I do? Why was I chosen for this crap? Can’t I just have a normal life like everyone else? I guess not.

I’ve researched until I’m blue in the face. And now I guess I now look like a complete nutball. Either way. This has been very therapeutic for me. Even though I didn’t really even scratch the surface it feels like the weight of the world has been lifted. My wife tries to help, but God love her. She truly doesn’t understand either. So when I tell her I feel as if I’m beating my head against a wall.

Thank you for listening. And I’m very sorry to be so long winded. But that’s my little life. I’m sure this is full of typos but I was just kind of letting it flow out to give you and idea of what has happened and continues to happen.

As crazy as this all sounds. Trust me, I think it’s just as crazy. As a parting note of course my name given is not my real name. Just wanted to state that.

Have a great day.


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