Something Special To Keep You Alive

24 May 2017 | Precognition, precognition, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This took place in the early 90’s. I had been married to my husband for just over a year, and we were going on vacation for the first time together. He had two children from a previous marriage, and we were visiting my parents vacation home in California. It was going to be our dream vacation.

We had planned this trip down to the very last detail. My husband and I got plenty of sleep. Early that morning Alan, my husband, came into the room and asked quietly if I was asleep. I had my head covered up. I told him that I was trying to. He leaned over onto the bed with his knee on it to give me a kiss, and when I uncovered my head, there was a face floating in front of his. An actual face floating in front of his own.

The “face” or “image” was that of an old man with a beard, smiling at me. I could faintly see the shape of my husband’s head behind this floating “face” but it was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. I screamed out of shock and covered my head up again. Alan turned the light on and tried to find whatever I thought I’d seen. In the end, he thought I had still been dreaming and convinced me to come out from under the covers.

It was still there! It terrified the living hell out of me.

The image finally left his face, but I felt uneasy about the whole trip. I wanted to delay it but he wanted to go ahead. We got up and left for Florida about 4am. It was almost as though the universe were working against us. We had problems at every step of the journey. The car would stall, roads would be closed. We even got stuck in mud. Every opportunity to halt our journey was taken.

At one point, we were stalled for over an hour. We replaced the battery and started off again. When we finally reached the Californian border, and were nine hours away from my parent’s place. What did we get? We got more car trouble. We ended up stopping at a hotel.

The next day we had decided to go home. We turned the radio on in the car and heard that in the opposite direction on the same highway there was a 50-car pileup just a few miles from us. If we had gone on, we would have been involved, and may have died.

Providence? Fate? What caused our trouble that day?

Submitted by Leanne Banton, New Orleans

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