The Aunt and The TV

21 August 2017 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

A lady who moved into her deceased Aunt’s house began to suspect something was amiss when small objects appeared to move around the house by themselves. However, she became quite alarmed when the TV in the upstairs bedroom came on all by itself. This wasn’t a one off occurrence happening regularly at the same time on certain days of the week and no matter on what channel the TV had been on, it always featured the same channel. Eventually, she began to realize that the TV came on for her aunt’s favorite TV shows. She also discovered that if the TV came on by itself, she could tell it to switch off by itself and it would do. She even videoed this to prove to stunned neighbors and relatives. She became convinced that her Aunt was continuing to share the home with her and her baby as a result of this activity.

From Ghosts in the Machines by G. Michael Vasey

© 2024, G. Michael Vasey & My Haunted Life (Unless indicated otherwise by author’s own copyright above). All rights reserved.

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