The Terrifying Vision of a Hanging Man

23 August 2017 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Where I grew up we had a lot of empty lots. I remember one of them had a huge tree growing in the centre of the lot. Actually, it was very jungle-like and overgrown. My mother and I would often go past that lot when we went grocery shopping. One day we were walking next to that land and I suddenly saw, what looked like a man, hanging from one of the branches. He was wearing a white shirt and a white pants. It was not clear because he was little transparent and I didn’t see his face clearly. He did nothing but hanging there. Surprisingly I didn’t get scared at all so I told my mother that I saw a hanging man on the tree and she looked and said that there’s no-one there. So, I looked back and he was gone.

After a few months, I totally forgot about this incident. Then a few years ago a very nice family came and built a huge beautiful house on that lot and they cut down the tree. The owners moved to another house but they didn’t tell us anything. Another family came in and even they moved in two months. But nobody told anything to anyone. Like this 4 or 5 families moved every 2 or 3 months. So this house was totally abandoned. I think that hanging man is still there. That is why nobody can live in that house.

The interesting part is I saw few people cleaning this house few days ago and they painted the house. Looks like a new family going to move in. I hope they stick around longer than the last few families who tried to live there.

Jan Volmar, Indiana

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