The Sinister Dark Shadows That Haunt My Life

31 August 2017 | August 2017, Your Stories

I have never been a religious person. Of course, I believe in a power that makes us who we are, that helps us and that is fighting to protect us from ‘the other world.’ I have never been skeptical about the things that others find strange. I have always been interested in finding out what lies beyond our realm of being. I truly believe in ghosts or any supernatural beings.

The first time I had a paranormal experience was during my childhood. I can still remember it very clearly. I went with my grandmother to visit her sister. When we arrived at her house I saw a silhouette made of steam that talked to me. I tried to forget this experience because I was too young and maybe my imagination was creating it. Neither my grandmother or her sister believed me—but I do believe it happened.

A few years later during college I was having trouble sleeping. After several hours, I started to feel cold and I wanted to cover myself with the blanket, but when I sat upright, I saw something like a black shadow standing near my bed. When I saw it, it stopped moving and it seemed like was looking at me. I covered myself with the blanket and I closed my eyes because I was afraid.

After this, I have felt something watching me almost every single day. It’s like someone is following me and when I stop and look to the place where I feel that he stands, I feel like he’s getting closer. I somehow know that it’s a ‘he.’ I don’t think that he wants to hurt me, but I don’t feel like he’s trying to protect me either.

Sid Goldstein, Amarillo, Texas

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