Halloween Case #18: The Haunted Funeral Parlour in Texas

21 October 2017 | Your Stories

This October we are going to bring you some of the most interesting #true paranormal cases we can find. You can discover more true, terrifying accounts of the paranormal right here.

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When my beloved grandmother died I was with my grandfather when he visited her at the funeral home. This was an older parlor in Texas and would have been during the mid-1960’s. He viewed the body and then started to discuss the funeral with the owner. At that point I left the room and went out into the hallway which led up a closet. As I approached the corner of the hall where the closet was I noticed a large moving shadow which was moving left to right and towards the closet. As I noticed its height and broad shoulders it seemed to notice that I had seen it and the shadow first froze and then moved as if walking quickly towards the closet.

As I approached it, a vapor appeared all along the outer edge of the window almost like white steam vapor. It left the edge of the window at a distinct angle and was disappearing into the closet. At that moment I wondered if I was losing my mind. Just as I thought that, the vapor disappeared into the closet, the track of light and window disappeared and the last of the vapor seemed to brush across a set of coveralls hanging by itself in the closet. As if to confirm for me that this really happened, the coveralls started swinging on its hanger in the closet. I moved the last few feet to the closet door and looked in. I saw nothing but the coveralls still swinging gently back and forth.

This was the only experience I’ve ever had with the paranormal. I would love to know more about that spirit. It didn’t seem like it meant me any harm. I actually think the “shadow” was shocked that I even noticed it. I do wonder how many “shadow-people” are around us all the time—and how many we just don’t notice? Has anyone else had any experience with them?

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