The Haunting of My Grandmothers Cottage

21 November 2017 | Your Stories

This November we are going to bring you some of the most interesting #true paranormal cases we can find. You can discover more true, terrifying accounts of the paranormal right here.

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This will be the first time I have submitted a paranormal story of any kind to a website. Several strange things have happened to me during my life. This was the first incident. It took place when I was around six or seven years old. We lived in the middle of nowhere with our grandmother. Our father was a travelling salesman and we rarely saw him.

On one particular night we were all in bed and shared the same room. I decided it would be fun to try and scare my brother and sister by telling them ‘spooky’ stories. Well they got freaked out and our grandmother came in upset at all the noise we were making. She could hear us downstairs. She told us to go to sleep and stop making noise. I was starting to fall asleep when I heard what sounded like muffled coughing from the other side of the room.

Hearing the coughing… I was awake. I tried to go back to sleep and then suddenly, I heard whispering. I knew that my siblings were asleep, so I was confused as to where this whispering was coming from. There was literally nobody else in the house except my brothers, sisters and Grandma Moore. I started to understand the whispers. Something like… “go home”. I don’t know why I did this… but I got up and decided to turn on the light and nothing was in the room with us. I looked everywhere after that. I didn’t find anybody. I was extremely freaked out by this time, so I went in the living room and told our grandmother that there was ‘someone’ in the bedroom, and, of course, she didn’t believe me. Ever since that incident I’ve been terrified of the dark. Even today I tend to sleep with at least one light on in the bedroom.

Mort Jameson,

Wisconsin, United States

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