Dancing Purple Orbs?

08 March 2018 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I have always been interested in the paranormal, specifically life after death and I definitely believe that we simply transform into different energy after leaving this physical realm. There are dimensions within dimensions, parallel universes, etc. I lost two husbands to cancer and most of my life has been very difficult in terms of what I’ve lost, the struggles I have had one right after the other for many years-so close together! My husband Pete, who I was extremely close to, we were so bonded with each other and it was absolutely heart-wrenching to watch him fight cancer, his personality and spirit were bigger than life. Around Christmas only 6 months after he passed, I decided to go to the cemetery even though I know he isn’t really “there”–just his body is there.

Anyway, I had just come back from the cemetery to put a wreath on his grave and when I came home I was depleted of energy and so very, very sad. I lit some candles on my dresser near my angel statues for some reason because I rarely, if ever light candles anymore.I stood there with my Christmas music on just watching the candle flicker slightly until it really started flickering a lot! Immediately after the candle seemed to really come to life, I saw a blue energy, not quite an orb-but some serious energy floating around the dresser and near the candle. No, not floating…it was bopping all around (even in jerky movements at times), but then it would move fluidly and circulate all around the pictures on the dresser and near me where I was filming and then back into the corner again. I do realize that some of these lights are lens flares, but definitely not all of them. Besides, I saw these blue and purple orbs BEFORE I started filming.

Finally after being transfixed on these energies for a bit, I snapped out it realizing “Damn, where’s my camera? I should be getting this all on video !!”and so I grabbed my camera and started to film. Sorry about the sniffling in the background–I was trying not to cry but I just felt it was my Pete. Oh, it was so beautiful! what do you think?

I have about seven or eight more similar videos.


Submitted by Jenine Fitterer

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