The Creepy True Story Behind Netflix Horror ‘Veronica’

09 March 2018 | Your Stories

Got a question for ya: have you seen Veronica on Netflix yet? It’s a scary Spanish horror movie about a girl who does one of those ouija board things and then ghosts get the hump and start bothering her. It’s very spooky indeed.

BUT (I’ve written that in capitals because I screamed it, I screamed it so loud your wig set on fire) did you know that it was based on a true story? Yep, a film about ghosts based on hactual hevents.

A girl died in Spain in 1992 after doing a ‘makeshift seance’ at school with her mates. This definitely happened, although the exact cause of her death is unknown – all that’s recorded is that she started having seizures and reported seeing ‘evil’ figures in the weeks following the oujia board experiment.

The really unusual thing about this case though (as if a girl dying after doing a seance wasn’t enough) is that it’s the only recorded case in history of a policeman actually filing a police report stating ‘paranormal events’ in the paperwork.

Supposedly, soon after the board game, the girl’s parents called the authorities complaining of mysterious events, such as seeing shadowy figures and even feeling invisible hands grabbing them. When the police showed up, they actually backed up these claims, reporting unexplainable noises, cupboards opening on their own and even photographs bursting into flames. Real proper ghost shit, no take-backs.

Check out the original article to read the full story. You can go there right now by clicking here.

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