Are You Brave Enough To Spend The Night Here?

17 April 2018 | Your Stories

Adrian Marley is a logical man.

The ex-maths lecturer believes there’s a rational reason for everything.

However, he just can’t quite explain what’s happening inside his pub.

“I’ve experienced glasses leaving tables,” said the 52-year-old.

A cynic may suggest that glasses falling off pub tables isn’t too uncommon – especially after punters have enjoyed a few pints.

But this is inside The Schooner, the Gateshead boozer which has a reputation for good beer, good music – and now, ghosts.

“The glasses slowly slide away and eventually just fall off the edge,” added landlord Adrian.

“It has happened on several occasions at different locations around the pub.”

The academic in Adrian makes him think it’s caused by reduced drag coefficient, due to gravity.

But even he admits: “I’d like to think it is a full-on haunted pub.”

Now he wants to prove it – or at least try to.

Adrian has now issued an open invite to any North-East ghost hunters – who are brave enough – to spend the night.

“I didn’t know about it being supposedly haunted when I took over,” said Adrian, who has been running the South Shore Road pub for 18 months.

“But the locals talk about the ghostly history and I’m speaking to our longest serving customers and the staff to get their stories.

“And any ghost hunters can have the pub for the night – as long as they pay for someone to be with them.”

Besides the glasses, there have also been reports of things going bump in the night.

Adrian admits it could well be animals, but adds: “I’m happy to be told otherwise!”

Recently, ChronicleLive revealed another Tyneside pub claimed it may have captured the ghost of King Charles I on CCTV.

Bosses at The George were left open-mouthed after watching back footage of the eerie orb floating across the bar. You can read the full article here.

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