The Ghost Trapped Inside A Creepy Doll

26 May 2018 | Your Stories

Check out this great new article from With her blank stare and ever so slightly tilted head, it’s safe to say this doll is pretty freaky. But her unsettling facial expression isn’t the only reason why you should be terrified – because she’s actually haunted. Ben Canham, who unwittingly became the owner of the ghost trapped inside the child’s toy, says he has experienced some mysterious activity since it fell into his possession. The 21-year-old said: ‘It’s very spooky. ‘The weird thing is, some days you walk into the room and the box lid is opened and some days it is closed. It’s very strange.

‘According to the note, previous owners have experienced the box opening and closing by itself just like I have.’ Ben, from Melton Mowbray in Leicestershire, volunteers at a paranormal museum and regularly buys old boxes of junk. Woman threatens mother with hammer on the school run And his interest was piqued by a doll wearing Victorian era clothing alongside a wooden box containing a note that said ‘read me’. The note warned that the doll and box were found in an abandoned car in 1990 and were possessed by two spirits, lovers Sarah and Richard, who were bound to them. Ben said: ‘I’ve experienced tapping, knocking and other strange sounds. Once my bathroom light began flicking on and off, on and off, but the switch wasn’t even moving. Read the whole article here.

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