Spirit Communicating Through My Dreams

05 June 2018 | Your Stories

Strange account today from a lady called Ari who has been seeing something spooky in her dreams. 

I’ve been having some nightmares lately involving a man standing at the bottom of my bed. I can’t see his face but can make out his outline. He doesn’t move. He just stands at the bottom of my bed. I presume he is staring at me?

When I wake up in the morning I can vividly remember the dream. It has been happening for several weeks. I have also started to notice that little things have been happening around the house. I live alone, and I woke up last Thursday to find that the fridge door was wide open. I also found my wallet had been moved, and I’ve been noticing tapping and creaking sounds at night. I never noticed these things before and I do feel they’re connected to my dream.

The house I live in isn’t old. It’s a new building. I don’t know anything about the history of the area. Is it possible for a spirit to want to get in touch with me via my dreams?

Ari Lancaster

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