Forewarned of a Fatal Traffic Accident: The Phantom Voice

22 June 2018 | Your Stories

Was this life saved by a guardian angel? This is a strange, uplifting tale about a man who was forewarned about a traffic accident that probably would have killed him.

This happened to me while I was coming home from school. I used to walk down the side of a busy main road. Most of the time it was absolutely filled with traffic and I would be very careful to stay as far away from the road as I possibly could. There had been several people run over on that road, but it was essential for me to take that route to get home as quickly as possible. I walked that road four times a day. The only strange thing that happened was the time I was walking home from school when I heard someone yell, “move! Now! Get into that driveway!”

I belted into that driveway and nothing happened. I waited a few seconds and then a car came along, hit the pavement and smashed into the wall where I had been standing. No “maybe” about it. I would have been killed instantly. The driver was drunk and out of control.

When I got home that day I started wondering about that helpful voice. I couldn’t tell if it had been a man, or a woman. I can’t tell you whether it was in my head or I heard it through my ears. Maybe it was more of a feeling, but it came across as words. I just reacted and ran into the driveway next door to the wall. So, I may owe my life to an unseen entity or angel. If so, I’d like to thank them for saving me that day.

Mark Ferris

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