The Strange ‘Scuffing’ Ghost That Haunted My Apartment

02 July 2018 | Your Stories

Strange story from one of our readers– Sam. He experienced a strange incident while attending college and sharing a flat with a friend. What do we make of this?

Thank you for allowing me to share my story with your site. I read regularly and wanted to share an experience I had during college. I was living in London sharing a flat with my friend Johann. One Friday he was out with his girlfriend—and I was home alone with a book. I was celebrating and wanted to just relax and enjoy my reading time. As I lay in bed I started to hear the sound of feet scuffing up and down the hall outside. I ignored it and kept hearing these scuffing feet. It was almost as though whoever was out there wanted me to know they were there. I called out, “Johann are you home?” Thinking Johann might have returned early. No reply. I got up, opened my door and looked. There was nobody there. I went back to my book… puzzled.

A few days later went back to my parents and stayed with them for a week. We had a great time and I returned to college. Nothing else happened for a long time and then one night I was home alone, and the scuffing happened again. This would happen many times during my stay in the apartment. I never actually saw anyone, I never felt anything, but I heard the scuffing of feet along the hall. I asked Johann and he said he thought it was me. I thought it was him. I actually think something was going on in that apartment but whatever it was didn’t bother me.

Sam Spence,


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