My Brother Was Dating A Witch

18 July 2018 | Precognition, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My brother was dating a witch. I know, it’s a strange way to start a story, but it’s true. She was into witchcraft and other pagan practices, if my memory serves me correctly. You see, I was a teenager, I’m now nearly 30yrs old, and this story still rings vividly in my mind. He’s my older brother. There are nearly nine years between us. Despite this age difference, and our very different life styles, I still looked up to him. His stint in the Marines was a difficult time for me and my parents. Long periods of time without contact with him. A base in Japan was his home for a year before he returned to the States. In all of this I’m thankful to God that he never saw combat. After his military career ended he returned home and lived with my parents and I for sometime while trying to get his footing without the Marine Corps planning his days and paying his bills. It could have been months, or years, that he was home when this girl shows up in his life. I wish I could remember dates, but those are the parts that stuck with me. I met her a few times. I think she even met my parents. She was a beautiful girl in her twenties, with dark black hair and caramel colored skin. As a teenage boy, fear was definitely not my first reaction to seeing her.

My brother was often willing to tell me of his exploits, probably basking in the idea that his little brother wanted to hear them, and would soak up every word. One day he told me about his girlfriend’s “extracurricular activities”. He never went into great detail about all of her practices as a witch. I’m not sure he knew all of them. But one event he told me stuck out. They were hanging out with some friends one night. Likely drinking and partaking in other libations, when she decided to get out an the Ouija board for some entertainment. My brother was no stranger to the dangers and stories surrounding this game, as my family and I are devout Christians, and we denounce such practices. Obviously my brother no longer shared this view, or he didn’t care.

They began to play the game.

It’s at this point that I should stop to mention that this girl he was dating was of Mexican descent. Not that her ethnicity would normally be important for a story like this, but this case is different.

They placed their hands on the planchette, and began speak to the board. Her goal was to contact her deceased grandfather. She later described him as a mean old man. He was a racist old codger, and he apparently didn’t hide it. They received some feedback from the game board, but nothing remarkable. Later that night, after they put the game away, my brother went to sleep.

Suddenly he awoke to terrible pain in his stomach. He was sure he wasn’t drinking so much that it had made him sick, but he figured to be safe he had better head to the bathroom. All he remembers after that is waking up with his face on the bathroom floor, pants around his feet, and in excruciating pain in his stomach. He had never felt this before. It wasn’t nausea, or anything that normal intestinal complications would cause. He knew this pain. His time spent in combat training allowed for an education on what you he source was. This awful pain was identical to the pain you get from being punched square in the gut. An ache, accompanied by difficulty breathing, like the wind was knocked out of him. Bending over to see his abdomen, he sees a red mark formed directly over the source of the pain. He composed himself as the pain subsided, cleaned up, and went to tell his girlfriend what happened.

Early that morning, after telling her the story she decided to get the Ouija board back out. Her suspicions were confirmed when they addressed her dead grandfather again. “Grandpa, was that you that attached my boyfriend in the bathroom? Did you punch him in the stomach?” The planchette moved. “YES!” The she asks ” Why would you attack him?” The planchette moves again, this time spelling out two words, “White boy”.

I guess my brother told me this story for another reason. I think he wanted to break the news to me that he had broken up with her. It wasn’t over this Ouija board incident though. He explained that shortly before returning to my parents house, he had been with his girlfriend. They were arguing with one another, escalating their voices and frequency of strong verbiage, when she picks up a kitchen knife and lunges at him, trying to kill him. Providence, and some keen military training allowed him to evade her murder attempt. I don’t know how much her witchcraft played into these two incidents, but the third is what convinced me that they were all linked.

Before the Ouija board, and before the murder attempt, I was experiencing strange things in the house. They actually became so frequent, and occurred in such a clear pattern, that I was able to make predictions by these events.

For example, one day I’m alone at home, and I hear one of the support beams in our basement gong. We had a finished basement, and I spent a lot of time down there. We would often stub our toes, or bang our knees on this beam. Each time sending a gong sound sounding through the house. This time was no different, except I was home by myself. I locked the basement door. I didn’t want to know what that was. The very next day my brother came home. He would spend two or three weeks away from home, never calling or getting in touch with my parents. We had know way of knowing where he was or when he was coming home. He would come home, stay for a few days, and then disappear again. The next incident was when I was sleeping. I didn’t even know it happened until my mom told me about it after I got home from school the need afternoon. She said I was “sleep walking” and apparently stood in their bedroom doorway just staring at them. She asked me what was wrong, and I turned around and went back to bed. This wouldn’t be strange normally. I have a few sleep disorders. But this time was different because my brother came home the same day she was telling me about my sleep walking. I began to get suspicions that something was wrong, but I wasn’t sure what. The next time it happened I was home with my mom, and she was in the other room. I was watching TV in the living room. Then all of the sudden I heard the gong of the support beam again. Only this time it was followed by the sound of someone running up the stairs! I hustled into the room my mom was in and asked if she heard it. She had, but thought I was down there. It was at this point I told her what I had experienced before, along with these events seemingly being correlated with my brothers sporadic returns. She didn’t believe that these two things had to do with anything until the next day. You see, I told her that my brother would return that next day, and he did. She believes me now. I only made the connection to my brother’s witchcraft practicing girlfriend when he told me about his two frightening experiences when he returned, just as I predicted.

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