The Student in the Cafeteria

21 July 2018 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

It was in the early 90’s. My friend and I sat at a round table in a State University cafeteria to have lunch. My friend sat almost exactly in front of me. Suddenly, I saw a student wearing a backpack, a dress and light clothes colors. She stood next to our table, her eyes looked in the open space, her face seemed quite sad. I could see her and her outfit vividly, but I could not see her legs from the about the knees down. My instinct told me she was not a there physically. In just in a blink; as I took my eyes off her, to look at my friend, this student vanished! I asked my friend if she saw the student; the answer was no!

As I described the student’s clothing, in details, a chill ran down my friend’s spine with goose bumps all over her body. I tried to pacify her by saying that people of the other world are around us invisibly, and for some reason, that student appeared in front of my eyes. I must have had some connection with that student to see her while nobody else saw her.

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