I Don’t Think I Was Dreaming!

31 July 2018 | Alien Abduction, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This happened to me a few years ago. I have always been into everything from ghosts and spirits to extraterrestrial life forms, alternate realities, and lucid dreams. Just the paranormal in general has been somewhat of a comfort zone of mine.

Anyways, I recall one night after work I get home and I am exhausted. I shower, eat dinner and get ready for an early night sleep. The only thing is I only remember walking to my room and that is it..I never got into my bed. I never really thought anything of it until I think about the absurd “dream” that followed. Before I continue let me give you some background, I served five years in the U.S. Marine Corps; while being part of the air wing, I remember one night seeing an unfamiliar amber and blue light hovering above the flight deck, it moved slowly as an alarm sounded for us to return to our respective shops. Our Sargent would then debrief us who saw telling us that we “saw nothing”. At the time I was intrigued and this is what started my dabbling in the unknown and paranormal for good my mind was open and ready for anything. I would read books on becoming more aware of of our so-called existence and opening the third eye in order to witness happenings that were out of this world. Specifically it was lucid dreaming, sleep paralysis and astral projection that drew me in immediately. Believe it or not I now enjoy sleep paralysis episodes since I feel we witness it for a reason.

That’s another story in itself. Anyways, back to my “dream” I remember there being a group of us maybe three or four that I knew were human. We were in a kind of chamber feeling as if we were being surveyed in a sense. I was not scared at all. I was instead curious on how everything could feel so real. The weight of my feet standing there in the chamber, the air filling my lungs as I inhaled, the sounds and vibrations of the walls and people around me everything was just so REAL. The walls were silver in color and at some points it gave off an amber yellow shimmer followed by a humming sound. We were then greeting by two other entities who I recall being taller than everyone in the group and they offered to take us on a tour of the place. I recall being filled with excitement yet I do not remember the faces of anyone who was there with me strangely, even the ones offering the tour only just that they towered over us in height.

They showed us around and I recall seeing things that I honestly cannot describe even as I picture it in my mind’s eye there are no words to describe it. It just WAS. The only thing I particularly recall in this “dream” was coming across another circular chamber with these sort of pods aligning the walls. The beings giving us the tour informed us that when we get into the pods we will be “back home”. I was hesitant at first and needed to confirm what I was just told. I was reminded of the purpose of the pods by the same entities and immediately I felt I could trust them. Excited I climbed into the pod and watched as the door slowly closed atop of me..

I then woke up in my room..lights on..door closed…laying in the middle over my bed sideways with my legs dangling over the side. It was only about three hours later into the night and I sat up confused trying to figure out what I had just seen and whether or not I was dreaming. I have had many lucid dreams as well as watching myself sleep after I decided to will myself to stand during a sleep paralysis episode but this seemed.. too REAL.

It confused me at first so much that the next few days, I went looking to see if anyone else had a “dream” similar to this. No luck. It wasn’t until I came across a certain forum that everything became clear. This forum centered itself on alien abductions. My mind was blown as I first saw how other people had very similar experiences and from that moment I had a feeling that I was never dreaming to begin with..

I now feel that what I experienced was something literally OUT OF THIS WORLD and in a way I am happy that it happened to me. They say that if if you have your mind to these sorts of things you are more prone to experience it first hand and I truly feel that is why whoever or whatever it was chose to reveal it to me.

Unless of course you consider ALL of the “alien abduction” testimonies to be just a trick of the mind. If so then damn I need to dream of these things more often..

Submitted by E. Velez to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too

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