La llorona

13 August 2018 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Well to start off, my family is all from Mexico. We are from Durango Mexico and to be honest going to the little town we are from it’s always scary. No matter who you talk to They have one of the scariest stories You can imagine. In that little town we live in there’s witches, gnomes, but probably the most scary that almost everyone there especially the older people know is La Llorona. Or the weeping woman – she is a ghost or evil spirt that takes kids away if they are out at night so the parents say. That’s what we were told as kids until I personally experience it.

I live in Gainesville Georgia, but we go visit Durango a lot. So the second day we were there it was around 1 am and a lot of the family was outside enjoying each other’s company. While all the kids played, I was like 9 years old and there was like 7 of us. I somehow got separated from my cousins and out of no where, I felt that feeling that I was being watched, so I froze and the hair on the back of neck stood up and couldn’t run I couldn’t move. So when I tell you I heard something that I will never forget – I heard children. I heard laughing and I know it wasn’t my family or my cousins. I felt it was not something living. I don’t know how to explain it, but I felt like it wasn’t from this world and felt like I wanted to die out of fear. Still frozen there, praying inside my head and hearing the kids voices and what I heard was kids skipping and singing start to fade thinking it was over. I started to have the worst feeling that it was only the beginning because all of a sudden I heard a woman crying, but at the same time screaming for her kids crying non stop begging for her kids to come back to her. The worst ice cold scream feeling I hope I never feel again – only God knows what it took for me to move and run. When I got to my grandmas house they said I looked pale and exhausted, but they knew what I had heard because they heard it too because everyone was heading inside and getting ready for bed.

Now a 27-year man with two kids, I really hesitated on going to my town where I was born.

Submitted to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Fredy Alarcon

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