The Sinister Caprine Creature

28 August 2018 | Demons, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Hello. This is a story I have to tell that either falls under paranormal or supernatural, though I don’t see any difference between the two words. I am a person who doesn’t like to reveal my identity. And I’m sorry for that, so I’ll just go by the name Benji for this story and all future stories I might upload.

Now, this story isn’t about some inanimate object moving on its own or some gateway to an alternate dimension. No, this story is about a creature who legitimately terrified me and stalked me for a few years of my life. To some, this story might be a bit cliche, but this entity actually scared me during the few encounters I’ve had with it. So I’ll tell you about the 4 encounters I’ve had with this thing in the order that it happened. Some details are a little fuzzy in my memory, so I’m sorry if I can’t give full details.

The very first encounter with this entity that I had was in a small town named Tres Brazos, which resided in my home island of the Dominican Republic. Back then, me and I father were visiting some friends and family members, and we were both sleeping in a room. This whole thing was when I think I was about six years old. When I woke up in the room, I looked out through the window blinds and saw that it was approaching dusk, and at that moment I remember hearing stray dogs howling and barking for what seemed like a minute before stopping. I decided to look at a corner of the room and stare at it to fall asleep. And that’s when I saw it. In the corner of the room, where there was almost no light, was a pitch black mass with horns protruding from its presumed head. At first it just stood there, staring at me. After a few seconds, it lunged out of the darkness and revealed itself to be a six-horned goat with manic and crazed eyes. The creature bleated before it jumped onto the bed I was sleeping on, and then it hit me in the chest several times with its hoof. And then I woke up instantly, and it was daytime. At first I didn’t think of it, but then I realized that not only was it nighttime when this encounter took place, but I was already awake when it happened. I freaked out a little, but brushed it off as being my crazy imagination.

The second encounter happened roughly a year later after the first. This one took place in an apartment in Charlotte that me and my parents were renting as a home. At that time, I was 8 and I had various toys. One of them was a Garfield clock that I had on a TV. The clock didn’t work, but I kept it anyway, cause I liked it. And most of the toys I had were stuffed in this sock that was stretched out and was as long as a serpent. Anyway, back on topic. It was nighttime once again, and this time, I was on one wall of the room. The door to my room was wide open, but I was too scared to get up and close it. When I looked at the door for long enough, the figure from the first encounter rushed into the room and stopped at the foot of my bed. It was the same goat as before, only his hair was black, his back legs were deformed and mangled, and his breathing was noticeably deeper. This time he spoke in a deep male voice and it said something along the lines of “You shall be my sustenance!” before hitting me again in the chest, causing me to wake up again at daytime despite me being previously awake and it being nighttime.

I started to realize that this creature was stalking me and could sort of transport me into the future, causing me to start off waking up from bed even if I was already awake. Again I brushed it off, not aware that this could have been a supernatural entity I was facing. Then there came encounter three.

This one took place in an apartment at New York. I was sleeping on the same bed as my grandmother. I was about nine when this encounter took place. I wanted to get up early as I noticed the sun was starting to rise. I slowly slid off the bed as to not wake her up. I walked out of the room due to that the floor was very creaky. Once I got out the room, I turned right and slowly made my way towards the kitchen. Mind you, the kitchen was cut into the wall like a sort of L shape. Just as I was 7 feet from the kitchen, the goat darted from behind the kitchen corner, barreling towards me so fast I didn’t even have time to scream. It appeared with light grey hair this time, and I didn’t see its eyes. As soon as I was headbutted by the creature, I was teleported right back into the bedroom, next to my grandma. I made a second attempt to sneak to the kitchen and this time I made it all the way with no sign of the goat anywhere. I couldn’t shake the feeling that this wouldn’t be my last encounter, and sure enough, I was right.

Now here in this story is the fourth and final encounter I had with the goat. This took place in the same apartment as the second encounter. I had had enough of the creature stalking me, so I told my parents about the goat. My dad appeared to jokingly say he was gonna cut up and cook the creature if he saw it, which boosted my confidence, as it naturally does when a kid is reassured by his parents. It was then during the afternoon the next day, when the beast appeared in front of the foot of my bed for the last time. Only now, it’s form was entirely different from the previous encounters, as now it took the form of a minotaur with an axe and a ring through its nose. And it lost four of its horns in addition. The goat, now I should say minotaur, let out a bellow before trying to attack me with the axe. However, not only was the creature now incredibly slow, it’s body appeared malnourished, and it could barely lift the axe, let alone swing it. At this point I was stuck between dreaming and being awake. And at that point, I was no longer afraid of the creature. I could get rid of it once and for all, for I might have never gotten that chance again. I stood up and kicked away the axe from the minotaur’s grasp, then I summoned a katana with my “dream powers” and with a triumphant battle cry, hacked off its head with the blade. Even without its head, the minotaur let out one final bellowing scream before its headless corpse fell to the ground, and its entire body, head and all the blood, disappeared forever. As soon as it vanished, I snapped out of my in-between state and was now fully awake.

I was finally at peace. The creature was finally defeated. And after that, I’ve never seen that damn goat since. I am now a young teen who is awaiting to enter high school as a freshman. I still look back and remember the encounters I’ve had with that goat. I don’t know what that thing was, but it wasn’t just a goat. If I was facing some sort of terrifying demon, then I guess I should count myself the luckiest child to be still walking on this Earth.

Submitted to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Benji

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