The Phantom Footsteps That Haunt Our Church

04 September 2018 | Your Stories

Interesting little story tonight from Neil. He is part of a bell ringing team in England that has been plagued by phantom footsteps. Strange happenings…

In our town we have a fairly good bell ringing team. We haven’t won any prizes but we certainly seem to go down a treat at local weddings, and such. Our church as a set of bells that were gifted to the church many years ago—and we, seven, meet to ring them each Wednesday. This incident took place a few years ago before I joined the team. Apparently, so the story goes, the team had gathered for the weekly practice and were just about to start when they heard very clear footsteps outside on the winding staircase that led down to the ground floor and up to the bell tower, and roof of the church. The tower captain at that time walked out onto the stairs to see if someone was coming or coming down. He could still hear the footsteps. These “footsteps” came up the stairs, right past him and continued up to the top of the church. He didn’t see anything, couldn’t tell that anyone was there but he heard these steps start and continue past him on the stairs. He was shocked.

This became something of a running joke with him, but several other members of the team and the church have also heard these phantom steps running up and down the stairs. Could there be a ghost haunting this church? It is possible. The church is extremely old and almost completely original. It is quite possible that we are hearing sounds from some trapped soul looking for salvation.

Neil Jones,


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