One Shining Moment When One Man Saw Something… Creepy

07 September 2018 | Your Stories

Sometimes there’s just the briefest glance of the paranormal. A shining moment when you come across something, or someone, from another dimension. This interesting account sounds like one of those brief encounters…

Saw something strange once while I was out walking our dog one evening. We usually take a path through the park and past a disused military base. The base has been out of operation for years and wasn’t really much of an installation. More of a warehouse with a fence than anything. Anyway, we walked past this place each evening during our walk. This one time in December we were walking past when I thought I saw someone, or something, moving behind the fence from my peripheral vision. I turned, looked, and nobody was there. I kept walking our dog but started to feel as though someone was watching me. I turned straight towards where I felt I was being watched, and I saw the shimmering shape of a man standing on the other side of this chain fence. Now, I only saw this figure for a brief second, but I swear I could see the outline.

In our town there have been others who have seen things like this, but nothing has ever been said about this broken-down old installation. I haven’t seen anything since either. But I thought I’d share the experience.

Eddie Duman

Derbyshire, England

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