‘Paranormal Highway’: Burnett Town’s Ghostly Discovery

26 September 2018 | Your Stories

An interesting article from www.southburnetttimes.com.au. What do you make of this, readers? You can read the original article by clicking here.

Paranormal investigators allege the town of Nanango is a hive of paranormal activity.

Andrew Green and James Webb from South Burnett Paranormal Investigations have advised the rural town is abuzz with supernatural life.

With the assistance of supernatural procurement equipment, Mr Green confirmed Nanango has provided copious amounts of ghostly evidence.

“We use it to catch their voices, we have picked up a tonne of stuff,” he said.

“We went to a private residence in Nanango and we got some really clear stuff there.”

“We heard them say a man’s name and then we asked ‘did someone die here?’ and a voice replied, ‘we are dead’.”

Mr Green said every time they have gone into a residence or location in Nanango it has resulted in a significant amount of paranormal contact.

“Nanango is like a paranormal highway.”

As well as Nanango, the pair reported every time that they have been to the Yarraman Historical House they get some strong readings.

“We have been there a few times, we took photos of a little boy sitting in the window, you could see his full torso including his bowtie and the part in his hair,” he said.

“I took another 20 or so photos and every time the boy wasn’t there.”

Mr Green first became interested in the supernatural after watching ghostly television shows as a child.

Mr Green said he became convinced of the after-life when he was growing up after strange things started to occur in the family home.

“My mum and dad’s house was a 100-year-old boarding house which they moved from Kingaroy to Nanango and we would often hear footsteps at night time,” he said.

“One time, when just my mum and I were home, we heard a screaming woman.”

“Mum thought it was me and I thought it was her.”

Mr Green said he understood not everyone was convinced of these mysterious phenomenons and it wasn’t his place to try and convince them otherwise.

“Some people are sceptical and that’s fine,” he said.

“You can’t change their mind but there are more believers out there than non-believers.”

The South Burnett Paranormal team invited anyone who has a case to contact them on their Facebook page SBP.

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