Terrifying Poltergeist Activity In Boston? A New Video Emerges…

10 October 2018 | Your Stories

Something strange has been happening in Boston. Strange happenings… a possible poltergeist? According to the Boston Standard they may have video of a poltergeist in action. You can click here to read the original article, and see the video.

CCTV footage showing a spooky, unseen force smashing a glass has been captured at Witham and Blues restaurant near Boston.

As reported by the Standard last week, staff and customers at the American-themed diner in Langrick have been experiencing ghostly goings-on – including the sighting of a ‘scary lady’, noises at night after lock-up, and glasses moving across tables on their own. Now footage taken from around 8pm on Saturday has captured the moment a glass appears to have been pushed off a shelf. Restaurant manager Victoria Burden, who lives above the bar, told us: “This was a step too far in weirdness for us. The team keep telling me they hear things after hours, but our fridges make a lot of noise so we had previously just put strange noises down to that. “Obviously the team break a lot of glassware, but this shelf is quite deep so no reason for anything to be placed on the edge and there is no equipment nearby to jolt the shelf, so it is pretty odd.”

The video shows barman Garrett Brown talking to a customer when the glass tumbles from the shelf behind him, shattering at his feet. General manager Maddy Taylor then enters the shot along with staff member Ellice. “We all joked ‘it’s the scary lady again’,” said Maddy, who initially believed Ellice must have accidentally knocked it off – until she reviewed the footage.

“I thought it was Ellice who was out of shot in the red top, but she said it wasn’t her and the footage shows she was nowhere near it.” She added: “It didn’t feel spooky at the time, but the footage gave me goosebumps.”

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