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08 November 2018 | Your Stories

I have a few stories i’d like to share. Most of these stories have happened to members of my family

I live in Dorset in the UK. When i was younger, my Mum and Dad had gotten divorced and my Dad moved out. Fast forward 4 years, when I was 8, my two brothers and I stayed round his house. My younger brother, who was 2 at the time, started pointing to the wall saying “man on wall, man on wall!” He was laughing and smiling so it couldn’t have been anything bad. After a minute or two, my brother had told us that the man had gone. I can’t remember if we spoke to him about this “man”, but 16 years later it still creeps me out.

This story involves my older brother. He was around 2 at the time, my brother, Mum and Dad lived in a small house. Not long after they moved in my brother started to act different. He was terrified to go upstairs in his bedroom no matter what time of day it was. My parents asked him why, he said there was a man up there. When they asked him to describe this man he said he had red pyjamas on. He continued to see this man in red pyjamas until they moved out. He has never seen him since.

Submitted by Abbie Owen to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too

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