The Thing Under the Street Lamp

15 November 2018 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

So this is not my story its my old reading teacher’s, even so I think its kinda creepy. I’m going to call him Sam and his brother John.

Sam and John always went outside in the evening to ride their bikes around the block, one day something weird happened. As they where riding around they passed by the houses to go to The Hill, which was a steep hill that was fun to ride down. As they approached the hill Sam got off his bike to climb up but his brother stopped. As he looked up to see what John was looking at he saw something under the orange hue street lamp.

It was tall and slender wearing torn up clothing facing the other way from them. It very slowly turned around like time itself was slowed, Sam could not move but wanted to run. As the thing was almost turned almost had its face in sight the light blacked out. Sam snapped back into reality seeing his brother biking away calling Sam to run, he got on his bike very quickly and peddled off.

When they got home they told their parents but of course they thought it was a joke. Even after that they biked out the next day, then the next, then for the whole week they biked out but it was never there. They both haven’t forgot about the whole thing and question what would have happened if they stayed.


Submitted by UkiWolf22

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