Mirror, Mirror On The Wall….

29 November 2018 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

A few years back, I had a couple of my girlfriends over during spring break. We spent the day kind of messing around. Movies, popcorn, girl talk. Nothing too crazy. We stayed up kind of late watching a scary movie, Texas chainsaw massacre of course. After the movie ended, we went upstairs to my bedroom. I had an air mattress all set up for my friends, so the three of us climbed in and got settled for the night. We giggled for a while until one by one we fell asleep. I remember being the last one awake, hearing the gentle snores of the girls around me. After eventually dosing off, I remember having an awful dream.

I had walked into my bedroom to get dressed. I was staring into my full-length mirror, leaning against the wall at the time, when I noticed the reflection in the mirror wasn’t in sync with my movement. I looked myself in the face, confused and concerned. She or I was smiling sweetly back at me. She reached out and touched her hand to the mirror. I hesitantly reached up to touch her hand against the cool glass. There was a moment of silence like a wave of calm had washed over me. When suddenly, she intertwined our fingers and pulled me through the glass. She let me go as I fell onto my stomach into my very same room.

By the time I had scrambled off my stomach, I turned to see her standing on the other side. I panicked and grabbed the mirror off the wall, I shook it hard while yelling at the mirror, yelling at myself. “Where am I? Why are you doing this?” as the mirror shook and bounced against the wall. When I suddenly woke up, sitting up quietly and looking around my room.

It was still dark, my friends were still asleep. I shook it off as a bad dream and settled back down, cursing the scary movies before bed. I fell asleep not too long after finally convincing myself it was just a bad dream.

The next morning my friends and I had gone through our morning routines, and we were all sitting around just talking, when my youngest friend, Summer, said she had gotten really freaked out last night. My other friend and I stopped and looked over at her, sitting shyly on the edge of my bed. We egged her on, poking and prodding to get a further explanation. She eventually shook off whatever unnerved her and she looks over at my mirror. “I woke up last night, to a weird noise.” She looked back at us, shook her head and shrugged. “I looked around the room to see what it was when I saw the mirror shaking against the wall. It wasn’t like a little shake though.”

She stood up and walked over to it, grabbing the sides and pulling it away from the wall, before she shook it, smacking it against the wall, almost slamming it. Exactly like I had shaken it in my dream. My stomach dropped as she said, “It shook like this!” She then leaned it back against the wall and I looked at her in disbelief. I went on to tell them about my nightmare.

A little thing to know about this mirror, it just leaned against the wall, sitting gently on the carpet. It was no where near any of us that night, not on the air mattress at least. It was across the room, almost in the corner on the wall that shared my bed, that no one had slept in that night. We all sat uncomfortably for a moment, before I got up and grabbed that mirror. I marched it out of my room and stuck t in my grandma’s room down the hall.

To this day that mirror makes me uncomfortable. I eventually took it to my new apartment and hung it by the front door, firmly bolted to the wall.

Ironically, ever since that day, I kind of fell down a rabbit hole of madness. I lost many friends, went through a really tough time in my life, bounced between houses. Here there, everywhere. It’s almost as if I’m trapped in the “bad side” of the mirror. Every time something weird/shitty happens in my life, I’m brought back to that nightmare. It’s constantly in the back of my mind. I’m going home to sage it tonight. Wish me luck.


Submitted to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Jackie Sicks

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