I’m Not Afraid – Ghostly Happenings In My Old Apartment

18 December 2018 | Your Stories

Sometimes a haunting can just be that– a haunting. This account from Cassie is of strange things taking place in an apartment. Nothing sinister– just noticeable. Take a look!

Over Christmas 2018 I had moved into a new apartment. One that was slightly bigger than my old one and had been looked after better. I ended up living there for three months before I moved in with my boyfriend. For three months that apartment was interesting to say the least.

I couldn’t keep the internet on. That was the first problem. My internet wouldn’t stay on, it would just blink off. I couldn’t really get a cell reception either in certain parts of the house. One morning I was awake at around 1am and heard footsteps in the kitchen room. Just the pitter-patter noises of bare feet on the floor. My boyfriend also heard this. We also had things like electrical sockets not working, bulbs burning out very quickly, and the shower would turn itself on. I often came home from classes to find the shower blasting away.

With all these strange things though I never felt threatened or scared in that place. It was never frightening like a horror movie. It was just, “oh there it goes again!”

Whatever it was tried to get my attention and it did, but I never let it take away the enjoyment I got from that place over those few months. When I moved, I was sure to say goodbye to whoever, or whatever was in there.

Cassie D.

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