Could This Be Paranormal? Weird Arm On My Bed

09 January 2019 | Your Stories

A short account from a submitter who saw something strange while shaving. Even he isn’t sure what to make of this one… Take a look.

Had a weird experience a few years ago. I was standing in our bathroom shaving and looking into the mirror. I could see into the bedroom and had a clear view of the bed. As I was shaving what looked like an arm came into view moving across the bed. I could see this arm, fingers, hand as clear as daylight. I turned around thinking it was my wife. Nothing was there. I asked her later if she had been in the bedroom and she said she hadn’t. I know for a fact that an arm was sliding across the bed, but I can’t explain it. She said that she was downstairs, and I know nobody else was in the house. Never had any other paranormal stuff happen in the house. Just that one occasion.

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