The Noise

15 January 2019 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

This recent submission to the site is rather odd and it seems that Kate is really suffering so we hope that she gets some help and sorts this out…..

On January 8th, 2019, I was coming back from school after our first day back from the winter break. I set my stuff down and was a little tired so I sat down for a while and day turned into night. As I got tired and bored I decided to go outside, so I grabbed my phone and headed outside. I sat on a wooden barrel. I had my headphones on at the time so it was hard to hear any noise outside. As I was on my phone, I did hear something and looked around. Then I took my headphones off. I looked around some more and as I looked up at the tree my body froze. What I saw was a tall, shadowy, skinny creature. Then as my body froze my eyes began to tear up in fear.

I ran inside and decided to rest for a while.  I fell asleep and as I fell asleep I could hear something that could not be explained. I woke up and about two or three hours passed. As I sat up in my bed my head started to hurt and I started to hear the noise. My body stood still and I couldn’t breathe as the noise got closer and closer. I felt as if I were stuck in a tight space with no air to breath or anybody to call for. As the noise faded away again my fear did too I gasped for air and tears came running down my face.

Its been a week now and the noise hasn’t stopped, so I continue living my life like this in fear, confusion, and curiosity.

Submitted by Kate

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