The Horror Of The Converted Funeral Home: Strange Happenings

17 January 2019 | Your Stories

A strange, strange story here from Jo Ames. Jo claims to have worked in a converted funeral parlour. What do you make of this?

Worked in a converted shop that had once been a funeral parlour for a few years. We had lots of strange things happen—especially in the store room out back. Items would disappear, stacked items would fall over, and it was always cold—no matter how high we cranked the heating up.

One of the women I worked with stayed late with the owner one night to do a stocktake. The next day she told me that halfway through the stocktake they had been overwhelmed by a rotting smell. Apparently, they had searched, and searched for the source of this smell. They never did find it but that smell would come on strong every now and again.

The owner said that he was working in his office above the store room when he felt like someone was standing in the doorway looking at him. He thought it was one of the staff who had turned up early for work. He looked up and saw a human shaped figure standing in the doorway. He stood up and the figure faded away.

A lot of stuff was going on in that little store. Left overs from back when it served as a funeral parlour, perhaps?

Jo Ames

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