Last Night’s Bedroom Visitor

23 January 2019 | Shadow people, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I guess it shouldn’t be much of a surprise that after three years of hosting the Weird Darkness podcast that something paranormal or strange would happen to me.  That’s how I’d describe last night.  My bride and I sleep in separate bedrooms because early in our marriage I was working nights, she was working days, and we just could never get used to having someone else in the bed with us.  Add to that my snoring, need for some noise in the background, and only a sheet with a ceiling fan – while Robin needs complete quiet and a dozen blankets, and you’ll understand why we have the sleeping arrangements we have.  But we still love each other immensely and “visit” each other a lot.  It’s only the actual sleeping that is in separate rooms.

Ever since I got a C-Pap machine a few years ago, Robin doesn’t hear me snore – which is a good thing, except that sometimes her mind gets away from her and suddenly she wonders if I’ve died and I’m no longer breathing – so she’ll occasionally look in on me to make sure my chest is going up and down.  Typically she does this in the early evening after I’ve already gone to bed and she’s getting ready to do so herself.  But she never does this in the middle of the night – at least not to my knowledge.

Last night I was sleeping as usual and heard my bedroom door slowly open, and I heard Robin slowly walk up to my bed and look over me.  I opened one of my eyes to confirm what I assumed, and I saw her silhouette quietly standing over me.  I assumed she was once again just checking on me as she had before, or perhaps she had a bad dream and just needed some comfort knowing I was in the house.

After a few moments I began to question whether or not it was actually my bride in front of me that I was seeing.  My room is extremely dark and there is no light coming in aside from a very small section above the window where my room-darkening curtains don’t cover.  So it was only a faint outline of Robin that I was seeing – or thought I was seeing.  I sensed this may not be Robin, so instead of acknowledging her presence in my room by saying “I love you”, I just stayed quiet and pretended to be asleep.  There was no way she could’ve seen my one eye open in the room so I just kept watching for a few moments.

After a time, I realized she wasn’t moving – and then I began to wonder if my eyes were playing tricks on me and perhaps she wasn’t in front of me at all.  But I had heard my bedroom door open… hadn’t I?  I wasn’t really sure of anything now.  So I reached over to my phone to click on the lock screen for a little light to see in my room.  When I did, nothing was there.  And my door was closed.

I was, of course, startled at first, as I had been convinced something was there.  I thought perhaps I just had not heard Robin leave the room – and it was too dark for me to really see her do so.  I rolled out of bed with my phone, opened my bedroom door to look into the hallway, and I could see that Robin’s doors were also closed – as usual.  I listened outside of her room and could tell by her breathing that she was most definitely asleep.  So now my one theory to what I saw had been negated.

I took the opportunity while awake to go to the bathroom while clearing my head.  I realized that I may have had a reaction to the new meds I was prescribed by my doctor earlier yesterday – he had upped my dosage to relieve my headaches and vertigo.  While sitting in the bathroom I did a quick search to see if possibly hallucinations could be a side-effect of my medicine.  And while rare, it appeared that could be the case.  Obviously, I did not like that as a possibility, but I accepted it and went back to bed – still a bit shaken.

The next morning, my bride was at the kitchen table doing her bible study and after talking for a while I asked, “Hey, Baby – I don’t think you did, but by chance did you get up last night and come into my room to check on me?  Maybe around 1 am or so?”

“No,” she answered.  “I was about to ask you the same thing.”

Submitted by Darren Marlar, Host of Weird Darkness podcast – and originally published here.

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