The Grim Reaper Calls

29 January 2019 | Your Stories, Your True Encounters

My aunt Amy spent more than a week searching every inch of her home for her two-year old’s favorite sippy cup. It went missing along with her television remote. A few days after she had given up the search, my uncle John went away on a business trip to Alaska. In the middle of the night, alone in the house with her two young children, Amy was frightened awake. She heard a loud thud in the hallway directly outside of her bedroom. As she sat up in her bed and quickly rubbed the sleep from her eyes, she saw an enormous black figure standing in her doorway. She described it as reaching nearly seven feet tall. The room was extremely cold and the overwhelming stench of rotting flesh filled the air around her. Frozen with pure terror, she tried to scream, but no sound came out. As her eyes adjusted, she could see the creatures face. It had a very small head, about the size of a grapefruit, on its enormous shoulders. Its face was wrinkled and saggy, shriveled like a rotten apple. The eyes were like jet black dimes. It was draped in, what my aunt described as, an Eskimos coat, thick with fur lining. In its gloved hand, it held a little pink sippy cup.

After a minute of the creature’s unsettling stare, it dropped the sippy cup onto the floor and walked away. When Amy received motion again, she grabbed John’s hunting rifle and cautiously cleared the house. She checked the children, who were still asleep in their beds and then called her husband and my mother. The next morning, she found the sippy cup and her remote laying in the middle of her hallway.

Amy described to my mother that the creature that visited her felt like “death”. Two weeks later, at the age of 25, Amy was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

My mother and I spent a lot of time in the following months taking care of my aunt and her children. One night, I was warming up my mother’s car. It was cold and dark outside and I had the headlights on. The headlights beamed right into my aunt’s bedroom window. I saw the curtains move and at the very top portion of the window, I saw a face looking out at me. I saw a small wrinkled head with little, shark-like, eyes. It grinned at me and then disappeared behind the curtains. Within seconds of seeing the creature, the car began to shake violently. I had never been more horrified. I screamed for my mother. As soon as my mother walked out of the front door, the car suddenly stopped. As soon as my mother got into the car, I cried and tried to explain what happened. I couldn’t speak right. I stuttered. The words wouldn’t flow. As we drove down the street, the car seemed to be pulling from one side of the road to the other. It felt like we had a flat tire. My mother pulled the car over and inspected the wheels. The lug nuts on all of the tires were loosened to the point of almost falling off. I knew right then that the creature that I saw staring at me through the window did this. It was trying to kill us.

At the age of 26, my aunt Amy passed away. I know now that the creature that visited my aunt and showed itself to me was the Grim Reaper. It has been twenty years since this all happened, but I still find myself thinking about it all of the time. I’m always wondering when I’ll see the Grim Reaper again.


Submitted to Weird Darkness and My Haunted Life Too by Heather Circle

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