Not Scared of the Hatman

15 March 2019 | Shadow people, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

I was between the ages of 2-5 when I encountered a dark shadow figure. He had a round rim hat and long trench coat. It was all black. I couldn’t see its face or eyes and it was just an all-black figure. It never touched me or came close to me, it just stared at from a distance. It lurked and it felt like the nightmare lasted for hours. My mother told me I’d wake up screaming or I’d be sleep but screaming. It haunted me for years and then stopped. As I got older I forgot about those encounters.

I definitely had my share of depression, stress, and pain throughout my adult years up until 2018. I experienced this awakening that’s hard to describe. I am definitely a different person physically and mentally. I’ve become hypersensitive to certain things in and out of our dimension. Sounds crazy but talking about it isn’t easy.

So, a couple of nights ago I think I was sleep but I felt like I was awake. I saw the shadowy figure again. Standing at my doorway but as soon as I opened my “eye,” it did something I’ve never seen it do. It jolted away as if I startled it. I don’t know if it sensed I wasn’t scared of it or what but it was a calm feeling that came over me at that moment. Like I said this time felt very real, like I astral projected. Or like my eye was a floating security camera that caught him lurking. Whatever I did it caused him to walk away.

I think it was feeding off my fear at a young age but now it was scared. I haven’t seen it since but I’ll be even more ready for when I see it again. Has anyone scared off a hat shadow man? I believe it was trying to terrorize my little ones, especially my 11-year-old son. However, after a while my son stopped fearing it and hasn’t seen it in over two years.

I’m interested to hear other people experiences. Also, I’ll be painting a pic of the shadow guy I witnessed. My son has drawn pics around the time he experienced shadow people.

Submitted by Amber Harris

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    One thought on “Not Scared of the Hatman

    1. I percieve a hatman as related to some sort of war-like state, in which poisoning of children, such as babies in carriers can be linked to his strategy. You mention the hatman as threatening to your children, which I perceive as a sort of resemblance to the function I mention.

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