The Haunted Factory

15 April 2019 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Back in high school, I entered a summer program at a college in a nearby city. You basically stay there for several weeks and take classes, and do fun stuff. But there was plenty of time to goof off and run around the city. Well, there was an old factory building in the city that had been abandoned god knows how long ago. I don’t even know what the factory was for. My friends and I decided to go explore this factory. As you can tell by now, exploring dangerous, abandoned places is kind of my thing…

It’s summer, but we dressed in jeans and hoodies to protect ourselves for whatever mess we might find in there. There were so many windows, and all of them were broken. We even brought some spray paint, because we were that cool. But seriously, one of the guys was a military nut with rich parents, and he showed up in full tactical gear. I actually had a crush on that guy up until that point…

So we found a way to get in, since many of the doorways were boarded up. It was cool inside, you could see where reception desks were and stuff. There was graffiti everywhere, and a hole was knocked into a nearby wall. We headed through that hole, looking for a way to get upstairs. There were some homemade skating ramps and stuff inside this big, main area. Obviously this place is an abandoned factory, but plenty of people still sneak in. We found the stairs and headed up.

The second floor was mainly wrecked from fire damage. Yet another cool building ditched after a fire…. We started taking pictures while some of us had fun with spray paint. But suddenly, our camera batteries started dying. My camera was fully charged, but it started going dead within minutes. Our phones lost charge as well, getting dangerously low. It was a bit unnerving, but we continued on. There were a lot of trashed rooms with paper everywhere, and dark rooms that we couldn’t explore without a flashlight. We came across one room that was just a pitch black pit. The floor was gone, and we couldn’t see how deep the hole went.

One of my friends suddenly screamed, saying she saw a face in an office window nearby. None of us saw it, and maybe she was seeing things. But we were feeling a bit uncomfortable. As we went deeper and deeper in, there was less graffiti. Other fellow trespassers hadn’t gone as far as we were going. It was a really long building. We started hearing stuff shifting. Like, odd noises from the darker rooms and stuff.

I went into one office, and found this little metal computer piece or something. I have no clue what it was, but it looked cool. I pocketed it, wanting a souvenir of this trip. Then we headed into the next big room.

There were torn-apart animals everywhere. There were pieces of cats, dogs, dead rats, birds… It was disgusting. It looked like there were fires nearby, and weird stuff drawn in charcoal. Most likely violent/demented people trying to be edgy, but we knew that we were not supposed to see any of that. We decided this was a good time to go. We quickly headed out the way we came, and stuff seemed to be moving in the corners of our eyes. Maybe it was ghosts, maybe it was just fear. But we heard more shifting noises, and they were louder.

We got out and headed back to the dorms, very tired and very freaked out. We decided not to call the cops, because then we’d have to admit that we were trespassing. I went to bed that night, still thinking about all those poor animals.

For the next several nights, I had nightmares. I dreamed that I was burning. In another, I was running around in that factory. One night, I woke up, and saw a shadow standing in front of the door to my dorm room. It was edging closer, and I was frozen in fear. I managed to bury my head under my pillow, and I cried myself to sleep.

The next morning, I went back to the factory with one friend, and tossed the metal piece I found back into the factory. My nightmares stopped from then on. Sometimes I still dream about the abandoned places I visited including that factory, but they’re no longer nightmares.

Those are the more complete stories I have of my experiences. I have more little stories and experiences, but I can’t of anything that’s longer than those at the moment… But yeah.


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