The Mystery of the Union Bleachery Mill

07 June 2019 | Haunted locations, Your Stories, Your True Encounters

Union Bleaching and Finishing Co., the Buncombe Road company long known in Greenville as Union Bleachery, was founded in 1902 by the “New York capitalists,” led by J.B. Duke.

It is an old abandoned textile mill located on Old Buncombe Rd. in Greenville, SC that closed back in 2003 because of a mysterious fire that took place then. In 2017, the Abandoned property caught fire again leaving only half of the building. This abandoned mill is known to be one of the most contaminated abandoned ruins in the state of South Carolina. Young adults and teenagers often explore this abandoned property because of its outstanding beautiful views and the sinister history behind the mill.

The rumor is that a mysterious light, apparitions or shadowy figures that take human form, and a humanoid creature on all fours can be seen at 12am or mid night at the mill. Some even say it could be Aliens or unknown creatures that were hiding there for years. Some believe that whatever it is, it started the 2017 fire.

Some teenagers have heard screaming and “Help” Sounds coming from the an underground cave where homeless people now live. Some even believe that if you stay over night around midnight you can hear ghostly Mill workers having conversations, but no one is to be found or seen.

Submitted by Ivory Taylor

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